World Series MVP/Autograph MVP


Most remarkable site at the first day of the Cardinals Winter Warmup:

David Eckstein, the World Series MVP, started signing autographs at 1 p.m. Others came and went in the meantime, on schedule. Eckstein is still here. It is about 5 p.m. A Winter Warmup volunteer just told me: "That’s just David. He won’t stop signing until everyone has gone. Last year he stayed until 6 p.m. until the line was gone. And he doesn’t just sign. He signs everyone perfectly."

That was a great thing to see. That was good for baseball.



    thanks david and all the cardinals for a great season!! it is a season i will never forget. im sorry i couldnt make it to the winter warmup this year. a great cards fan brian robertson


    David is the official fan favorite! You rock Mr. Eckstein!! He was dead tired from his extremely early flight, but said he had no room to complain. Knowing we had all been up night as well, he stayed well past five signing and conversing(w/ a smile mind you) to sign something for everyone. Thanks for everything(especially arm wrestling w/ my bro and flexing w/ me) you belong in St. Louis for a long time!!


    What a great representative of Cardinal nation and Gator nation. David is a true gentleman. Thanks for the winter warmup notes.


    I like to read such stories and am reminded of several years ago when the Cardinals played the Phillies in Oklahoma City on the way to St. Louis to start he season. It was cold and rainy and, as the game was cancelled, it was announced that players would be available for autographs. My daughter stood in a long line, wanting the autograph of Ozzie Smith. After a while, I checked on her and the only ones still autographing were manager Joe Torre and two Phillie pitchers. I still am unhappy such shabby treatment from Cardinal players.

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