Welcome to the Winter Warmup!

We’ve got some icy conditions in downtown St. Louis this weekend, but that’s why the Cardinals Winter Warmup was invented. It’s the annual time when Redbirds fans from all over fill up the Millennium Hotel for their chance to live and breathe Cards Baseball again. If you’ve never been to one of these, then it is truly a sight to behold. And this time, they’re all here looking at a humongous main-stage sign that proclaims World Champions.

Welcome to the stlcardinals.com booth, where you can find your Newmanportraitfree T-shirt! All you have to do is shout out the correct answers in the Redbirds Trivia contest that is ongoing throughout the weekend. Surf the computers that we’ve provided for fans, and get to know stlcardinals.com even better. Look for desirable 2006 Busch tickets while you’re here.  Hosting the stlcardinals.com booth at least for the first couple of days is Mark Newman, Enterprise Editor for Major League Baseball Advanced Media. A former St. Louisan now based in New York City, Mark was last in town for a Game 5 clincher and an unforgettable Sunday parade. He also maintained the MLB.com World Series Blog last fall. You might find our own Matthew Leach, the Cardinals beat writer for MLB.com, around the booth during the three days as well.

Step right up, have lots of fun, and by all means leave your comments below here on the World Champions Guestbook. It’s your chance to tell others what it’s like being at the (sold-out) Winter Warmup, and to leave congrats for the Redbirds if you’d like.


  1. gdreckmann@cityofmadison.com

    We drove down from Wisconsin late yesterday afternoon and early evening. We were lucky as all we had was lots of rain, but no ice or snow. I was worried as we saw our Streets Division (my employer) sending out salt trucks as we were leaving.

    I am not surprised at the huge number of people we see at the Warm Up. This is our 5 or 6th time here and this is by far the largest crowd.

    I do enjoy the Cardinals web site and it is a great soure of information for someone who lives so far away.

    George Dreckmann

    Neil Robmann

    Madison, WI

  2. Brady

    I wish I could attend the Winter Warmup, it would be something amazing for me, but due to being 17 years old and still in high school, it’s nearly impossible for me. Instead, I have my own indirect connection to the Cardinals…through Albert Pujols. I am very priveleged to be able to meet the whole Pujols Family Foundation Charity when I travel to St. Louis in May. While it is unlikely I will meet Pujols himself, I do hope to meet all of his staff at the Foundation (including his wife) whose purpose is to help all mentally challenged children. It is a wonderful cause, and I am very glad to support it by writing for their website occasionally. Meeting these people will be my equivalent of a “Winter Warmup”, even if it does come in late May. I want to congratulate the Cardinals on everything they accomplished this season, and go ahead and say it, guys…


    -Brady Holzhauer

    Gillett, Arkansas

    In the Cards (currently the fifth ranked baseball blog on the net)


  3. mlkt@sbcglobal.net

    I am in Oklahoma literally iced in. Thank goodness we still have power so I can use my computer and read all about MY CARDINALS. I hope everyone attending the Winter Warm Up is having a wonderful time. The Cardinals will do it again this year. We have character, class and the talent to endure the long hard season. GO REDBIRDS

    Kermit (Bartlesville, Oklahoma)

  4. dcase@nettletonschools.net

    4 Winter Warm Up passes for my family $130. Hotel reservations, $300. Items to get autographed, $100…Not having a wreck on the way to St. Louis and injuring my family, PRICELESS! We had everything set but couldn’t make it to the Warm Up due to the weather. I am glad to see that everyone else had a great time. Go Cards!

    Dale (Jonesboro, Arkansas)

  5. laurelrp@charter.net

    Will there be a dvd of the winter warm-up that I can purchase? Or is there a tape I can purchase? My email address is: laurelrp@charter.net
    I got to work the warm-up and was lucky enough to sit with Craig Paquette, who is my wife’s favorite player.

    Go Cards!

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